The project ‘SOS Family Assistance’ aims to ensure the employability of Family Assistants in Europe, through the recognition of the necessary skills and qualifications, and the identification of innovative strategies targeted towards European labour mobility.

To this end, the project will identify the key skills that the participants of the family assistance training courses must obtain in order to effectively adapt to the world of work, theoretically resulting in the realization of the European labour mobility hypothesis.

The professional training offered, through the utilization of innovative methodologies orientated toward European mobility, will allow for the development of professional skills to facilitate employment.


        - Structuring of a European quality strategy in the training and creation of labour mobility that prevents forms of exploitation and provides contractual policies and fair employment. This will be outlined in a publication that will serve as a guideline for both managers of vocational training and social services;

        - Training of qualified home care workers, including innovative training plans adapted to the real needs of European families, with interactive methodologies;

        - Guarantee of high quality standards during the procedure of training family assistants;

        - Guarantee of high quality standards in the management procedure of the employment system, with technical training in intercultural mediation and development of a web portal “Assistance-Advisor”

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